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Orca Womens S3 Speedsuit

Code: ORCAS3

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Step-up from your entry-level wetsuit with the Orca Women's Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit. This wetsuit’s SuperStretch lining and InfinitySkn material work together to offer more flexibility with every stroke. The HydroLite panels and gender-specific design deliver optimal buoyancy.

Buy This Suit If:  You seek an intermediate-level wetsuit with optimal flexibility and buoyancy.



  • Aerodrome: Strategically placed 2-panel design for maximum buoyancy and enhanced swimming position.
  • Hydrolite panels and less-absorbent stretchy lining improves buoyancy and allows for a quicker transition.
  • SuperStretch lining and InfinitySkn for more flexibility through a full stroke rotation.
  • Gender-specific front buoyancy panels for optimal balance and buoyancy in the water.
  • Size M Available only


Neoprene Composition

  • Arms/Shoulders:1.5mm #39 SCS Yamamoto with InfinitySkn.
  • Chest:3mm #39 SCS Yamamoto with Super stretch.
  • Front Abdomen & Hips: 4mm #39 SCS with Multi-Stretch.
  • Back: 2mm #39 SCS Yamamoto with InfinitySkn.
  • Lower Back & Hips: 4mm #39 SCS Aerodrome 2 with HydroLite.
  • Crotch & Legs: 3mm #39 SCS Yamamoto with Multi-Stretch.
  • Inner Calf Panels: 2mm #39 SCS Yamamoto with HydroLite.



We always recommend you focus on your chest measurement as the main size guide. This will enable you to have a good fit, while being able to flex your upper body while swimming.