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Supertee High Volcanic Ripple Kicking Tee



Whether it's Rugby Union or League, improve your goal kicking with the SuperTee  Volc Kicking Tee! This NRL official product incorporates the latest in kicking tee technology. Each tapered tooth has been individually measured to accommodate rugby league and union footballs, so it provides less friction. Designed specifically for "Kicking Off", so this footy kicking tee can be used as goal kicking weapon too!



  • Designed by Daryl Halligan - the legendary goal kicking coach known as the "Super Boot"
  • NRL official licensed product
  • Solid inner rim will ensure the tee keeps its shape
  • Tapered teeth ensures less friction - The tapered teeth are angled up to 5 degrees to stabilise ball placement and for a zero friction release
  • Ideal for long range kicking practise
  • Light weight, flexible