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Squash Racquet Head Graphene Touch Radical 135



The Head Graphene Touch Radical 135 Squash Racquet brings control and precision to the front court tournament players. The Head Graphene Touch Radical 120 Slimbody Squash Racquet offers perfect control and maneuverability to the serious tournament player. This squash racquet is one the few squash frames on the market in Australia that can adapt to your squash game. With adaptive string pattern technology you can have this racquet set up as a 14x16 string pattern or a more controlled 20x16 string pattern.


  • Frame Wight: 135g 
  • Technology: Graphene Touch, CT2, AFP 
  • String Pattern: 14/16, 20/16
  • Head Size: 460cm2
  • Balance: Head Heavy 372mm
  • Beam: 16.5 to 20.2mm
  • String: Head Reflex Black