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Redback Noosa Malibu Surfboard 7ft Blue/Magenta



The Perfect Size Malibu to begin your surfing experience

Redback technological advances in materials and production techniques have enabled them to create softboards that perform like no other.  So, owning a Redback softboard means you can get all the ‘Surf Without the Hurt’ benefits without sacrificing performance and at a price that’s very kind to the wallet.



  • 7’ x 20 ¾” x 2 ¾ or 8’ x 20 ¾” x 3 ¼”
  • Strong, stable & easy to paddle
  • Extra Volume through the deck for increased buoyancy - easier to catch waves
  • Triple Stringer Strength - Superior Stiffness and Performance from 3x Epoxy Coated Timber Stringers
  • High Density Slick Bottom gives greater speed across the wave
  • Generous Rocker helps prevent nose-diving and makes turns easier
  • Upgraded Textured Deck gives extra grip for confident turns
  • 3x Redback Performance Surf Fins to increase grip in hard turns"


Please note:  This item is not available for shipment outside the local area as per our shipping policy.