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PTP Massage Balls Soft/Firm 2 Pack



Designed to provide a deep self-massage and relieve muscle pain that affects the arches of the feet, glutes, hips, back, shoulders, forearms and more.  The PTP 2 pack deep tissue massage balls available in soft and firm (sold together).

Benefit from two distinctive levels of tissue massage (soft and firm) to relieve various levels of muscle tension.


  • Muscle pain and stiffness often result from sitting for prolonged periods, poor posture or the practice of sports

  • Through deep muscle penetration, the Massage Balls help break up soft tissue adhesions and relieve tension, whilst promoting blood circulation and healing

  • Using both Massage Balls can allow you to target two problem areas at once and benefit from a more efficient self-relief solution.
  • More than just a self-massage tool, the Massage Balls also help to reduce the chance of injury
  • When used before and after exercising, they assist in the increased range of motion and prevent muscle imbalances by raising body awareness.
  • 6.4cm diameter