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PTP Superband Ultimate Orange SB5

SKU: SB8005



With the Ultimate PTP SuperBand, gone are the days where chin-ups, pull-ups, dips and muscle-ups were reserved to the strongest individuals. With an elastic resistance spanning between 54.4 and 79.5 kg (120.1-175.2 lb.), this SuperBand is the widest of them all and is designed for beginners and/or heavy individuals who need maximum leverage to lift their own body weight. It’s like having someone holding your legs up to ease you into chin-up or pull-up exercises. When used for explosive training, the Ultimate SuperBand will reversely be more suited to professional athletes and people with great existing overall body strength who wish to better compete in their dedicated sport. Explosiveness can indeed have vast benefits on athletic performance: it can increase rugby/ALF players’ ability to tackle, make basketball players jump or throw the ball higher and faster, enable sprinters to start racing a split second earlier, and allow power lifters to swiftly raise extremely heavy barbells.


  • To increase strength, flexibility, speed, and athletic performance as a result
  • Works by helping you lift your own body weight for assisted pull-ups, chin-ups and dips
  • Maximum level of leverage with an equivalent of up to 79.5 kg (175.2 lb.) | 6.4 cm wide
  • Can be used to run against the resistance with a superior level of challenge
  • 35 exercises included online videos to maximise results and technique
  • Premium quality latex, engineered to provide smooth resistance and last