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Mask & Snorkel Set Stealth Executive 610356 Black

Code: 9325132039096


Want your eyes to be able to register a greater clarity of depth, detail and colour in what you see under the surface of the ocean?  Then the Stealth Mask & Snorkel set is for you.



  • Black Silicone Skirt blocks reflected light to enhance vision, with ultimate comfort and great seal
  • Wide View Single Lens with Low Volume for Deep Dives
  • Nose Purge Chamber Easily clears any water that enters the mask
  • Dry Tip Snorkel prevents water entering the tube when diving underwater
  • Allergy Free Black silicone comfort mouthpiece
  • Deluxe Purge Chamber quickly clears water that might enter the tube
  • Quick Release Snorkel Clip to allow quick and easy adjustment