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Mask & Snorkel Set Orpheus Full Face

Code: 9325132076565


There is nothing quite like the magic entering ocean and swimming with the fish. See more of the aquatic playground in total comfort with the Land and Sea Orpheus Full Face Mask and Snorkel.

Brilliant for beginners and advanced snorkellers, the kids and the grownups. The Land and Sea Orpheus Full Face Mask and Snorkel provides a 180-degree view and a fully integrated snorkel. This lowest volume full face mask allows you to breathe the most naturally and easily, is easy to use and promotes confidence for those that get a little nervous when swimming with the fish or using standard masks and snorkels.

Mask fogging is a regular problem for snorkelers, but not with the anti-fog design Orpheus.

The Orpheus is so easy to use and amazingly comfortable, no more struggles making continual adjustments to the snorkel position and straps.



  • CE Approval
  • Highest Breathable Volume
  • Lowest CO2 Retention
  • Incredible 180o Viewing Range
  • Anti-Fogging Design Fresh Air flows in from the top of the mask and through one-way valves
  • Polycarbonate Mask is impact resistant, light and super strong
  • Expelled Air flows in sealed vents up the side of the mask and out again
  • Purge Valve allows easy clearance of any water that does enter the mask
  • Advanced Design Dry Tip prevents water entering the tube when mask is underwater

    Junior - Yellow
    Adult - Blue