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Headguard Steeden Indigenous 22627

Code: 9312555312936


Artist: Taleena Simon

The artwork on this headgear represents

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities uniting, blue represents Torres Strait people and red and yellow represents aboriginal people.”



  • Revolutionary lightweight design
  • Features XPLE foam providing excellent air flow, coverage and protection
  • Soft padded and elasticised chinstrap for a comfortable and secure fit
  • This Indigenous headgear a random design so no two items are the same



Lace up headgear and then put on head. Adjust strap to ensure a snug fit to your head.

Have second person draw laces firmly together and then tie to secure. Trim off any excess lace if necessary.

Your headgear performs best when the gap between the laces is at a minimum.

Tie off laces tightly without impacting on player comfort