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Globber One Scooter K E-Motion 10

Code: G650 101


The Globber ONE K E-MOTION 10 scooter is the perfect scooter for kids and teens.


  • Adjustable steering column
  • Comfortable TPR handlebar grips
  • High-tech conception, durable material, strong and sustainable
  • Trendy e-mobility device, environmentally friendly, no gas emission
  • 140mm front wheel with nylon rim/PU
  • 150W motor integrated into the 127mm rear wheel/ solid puncture-free tyre
  • The "kick start" mode engages the motor when user is pushes the scooter up to 5km/h
  • The electronic pressure sensor placed on the deck allows intuitive control and makes acceleration and braking very easy
  • Braking systems:
  • Mechanical foot brake located on the rear wheel (mud guard pressed on the rear wheel)
  • Neutral motor position is activated when pressing rear mud guard


  • Maximum Speed: 12 km/ h (depending on the user weight)
  • Autonomy: 5-6km (depending on the weight and slope; flat or hilly terrain)
  • Maximum slope: 10°
  • Max conditions using temperature: 40 °C
  • Motor power: 150 W motor integrated in the rear wheel
  • Rotation per minute: 800 RPM
  • Battery: Lithium, fireproof casing / 21.6 Volts
  • Battery charging cycles: from 500 to 800 cycles
  • Charger: Input Tension 110/240 V - 50/60 Hz & Output tension 42V - 0.8A
  • Charging time: +/- 3 hours
  • Sealing level for battery case: IP54
  • E-scooter weight: 6.2 kg


  • Minimum height of user: From 1.3 m to 1.5 m
  • Minimum age of user: 8 years+
  • Max. weight allowance: 50 kg


The laws regarding the use of electric scooters vary between states/territories. Public use isn’t permitted in all states/territories and licensing/registration requirements may apply. Customers should review these laws before purchasing an electric scooter. Safety equipment (including helmets and protective gear) should always be worn when using electric scooters.