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Flipper Eyeline Swim Fin Long

Code: 9317362215678


Eyeline rubber long blade training fins help improve your kick strength, ankle flexibility and body position

Available colour by size



  • 100% natural floating rubber foot pockets for comfort, true sizing and control
  • Soft pliable rubber design reduces foot and shin stress
  • Curved rigid rails extending from center foot to toe section preventing fin flex thus providing optimal propulsion for strong workout and training
  • Flexible foot pocket with easy grab on heel tab for faster on & off
  • Although the fins will be easier to place on your feet due to softer foot pockets and easy grab heel tab it is suggested you wet both the inside of the foot pockets and your own feet before attempting to place fins on

**NOTE** To ensure correct fit, please review size chart.  Orders are placed using Australian Sizing.

For female sizing we suggest you select 1 size down, for example a female 7-9 size equals a male 5-7 size.

 If your current fins are more than 8yrs old PLEASE refer to size chart before ordering as some sizes have changed.