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Fire Hawk 50" 20lb Youth Bow Set 5410

Code: 13497


The Fire Hawk 50” 20lb bow suits both LEFT and RIGHT HAND shooters. This recurve bow set includes 2 x fibreglass arrows, armguard and arrow quiver.

Suggested age range 8-12 yrs for the 50″ 20lbs bow . Age may vary in accordance with a child’s size and shooting ability.

This product is not a toy. Children under 16 yrs require adult supervision.




  • Fashionable Holding Rip With Bow Sling
  • Durable Composite Limbs
  • Exclusive Fore-grip for Better Feeling and Safer Protection.
  • Available for Right / Left hand used


Package also includes


  • 2 x 26″ Composite Arrow
  • Quiver Set
  • Arm Guard
  • Finger Protector
  • Target Face
  • Bow Sling