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Everlast Strike Bag Hyperflex 140592

Code: 9343568067278


The Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag has a punch ball design for easy movement around the target.

Dual HYPERFLEX individual locking springs provide three workout settings for comprehensive punching, reflex and cardio workouts

Speed Flex (Lock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for fast punches, combinations and reflexes

Straight Flex (Unlock Base, Lock Neck) setting is ideal for punch techniques, agility, footwork, defense, and timing

Hyperflex (Unlock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for ultimate accuracy, speed, and agility training, and simulates sparring sessions for striking and defense


  • Three unique ways to use: speed ball reflex bag on stand & hyperflex reflex bag
  • Durable foam filled ball
  • Foam pole guard to protect against miss hits
  • Premium quality spring construction
  • Base can be filled with sand and/or water Max setup height: 163cm

Engineered for: Endurance Reflex & Hand Eye Coordination
Level: Advanced Training - Level III