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Cricket Bat Gray Nicolls Kaboom Warner 31 18503 Short Handle

SKU: 18503


The Kaboom leaves nothing to the imagination with its massive edges and intimidatingly large profile.  A significant bow adds power through the upward swings, and a lower middle ensures that when you connect with a front foot shot, it's going to fly off the bat - in other words the Kaboom is built for clearing the ropes.


  • Handle:  Semi Oval for comfort and control
  • Grip:  Classic Chevron provides the complete retro look
  • Profile:  Concave sculpting to give professional pickup and balance
  • Strike Zone:  Low-blade, ideally suited for front-foot player
  • Weight:  2lb 8oz - 2lb 12oz
  • Handmade from Grade 3 English Willow
  • (Please note that we are unable to weigh individual bats and that we are also unable to guarantee the number of grains a bat might have)