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Adrenalin Adventurer Outdoor Shoe

Code: 674793092

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The Adrenalin Adventurer Aqua Shoe delivers comfort in and out of the water for all of your surf n turf adventures.   Incredibly lightweight while delivering excellent protection for your feet. The robust construction lends well to the rigours of frequently going from wet to dry and back again, while in rugged environments.

The easy toggle adjustments both front and back, coupled with elasticised laces, mean it’s easy to keep the sand grit and mud from getting into your shoes.  This level of fine adjustment ensures most foot shapes and walking biases can be catered for and adjusted to, for the best fit possible.

While these may not be your typical rock gripper shoes, the sole of the shoe has an anti-slip pattern for better footing, adding another level of safety around slippery seaside and riverside rocks.

The Adrenalin Adventurer Aqua Shoes are ideal for wearing camping, beachcombing, for rock pool and reef exploration and wading through rivers and streams. They’re an excellent option for kayakers, canoe enthusiasts and river rafters.

They’re also an excellent option for wearing around the pool at home, or simply lazing about the yard. Gardeners who water frequently will enjoy the quick-dry performance of the Adrenalin Adventurer Aqua Shoe.

Available in an array of sizes, they’re an excellent option for the whole adventuring family. If you’re into water aerobics, these pool shoes can enhance your workout by providing you with a better purchase on the bottom of slippery pools.



  • 2 X Toggles for easy adjustment (one at top and one at back)
  • Non-slip sole
  • Elasticised laces
  • Quick dry
  • Aqua Shoes are ideal for kayaking, beach, watering the garden, pool and a wide range of other activities that involve water.